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myqueer.info was developed for queer and trans refugees in Berlin.
Here you can learn about education institutes, counselling, asylum and right of residence, political participation and more.

Use the map to find drop-in centers respectively offices, organizations and helpdesks that you can visit during office hours...

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...if you're looking for specific offers you can filter the markers by categories "languages", "topics", "accessibility. By "languages" you can e.g. filter drop-in centers that provide offers in specific languages.

Via the menu below the map you can find topics and offers that are not listed on the map.

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Here you can find articles on health and health care. On our map you can also find counselling services that are queer/queer friendly and provide offers on health, STDs, contraception and that can forward you to doctors if needed.

HIV Tests mit Sprachmittlung

Queerfreundliche Ärzt_innen

Berliner Aidshilfe

Seelische/psychische Krisen

Behandlung im Notfall



Grüner Behandlungsschein